Motivation and How to use

The Utilities Module is where all the other services are. If you don't remember from the foundations module's documentation, services and handlers are a abstract wrappers around concrete implementations for fulfilling given actions. For example, the foundations module comes with pre-packaged with a logging service.

Services are meant to be singletons. Usually they register one or multiple handlers for performing the actual actions with (like how the logging service required two logging handlers, one for the framework itself and one for the actual plugin).

The module is available for free installation through Composer on Packagist. We'll explore the pre-packages services in this documentation.

As of April 2021, the Utilities Module is still considered in beta. Beta modules don't have automated tests yet and can change significantly until the release. However, the overall structure is clear and done. You may use it but it might be wise to keep an eye out for undocumented changes.

If you get confused while reading the documentation, don't forget to take a look over our example plugin on GitHub. There are examples there of using some of the services described here.

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