Stores are objects that implement READ/UPDATE/DELETE operations against a storage medium for objects that implement the StorableInterface interface. In a nutshell, an object is storable if it has an ID (see the StorableTrait and AbstractStorable for a simple implementation). All classes belonging to the Storage namespace can be found here.

There are 3 stores that the Foundations Module comes with:

Stores are storable as well. It is possible to create a store that stores other stores! Check the MultiStoreAwareInterface and MultiStoreAwareTrait for examples.

Here is a simple example of a dummy storable object stored in a memory store:


namespace DeepWebSolutions\Plugins\MyTestPlugin\Storage;

use DeepWebSolutions\Framework\Foundations\Utilities\Storage\AbstractStorable;
use DeepWebSolutions\Framework\Foundations\Utilities\Storage\Stores\MemoryStore;

class MyStorable extends AbstractStorable {
    public string $storable_property;

$my_storable1 = new MyStorable( 'unique-id-1' );
$my_storable1->storable_property = 'test value 1';

$my_storable2 = new MyStorable( 'unique-id-2' );
$my_storable1->storable_property = 'test value 2';

$memory_store = new MemoryStore( 'my-memory-store' );
$memory_store->add( $my_storable1 );
$memory_store->add( $my_storable2 );

echo $memory_store->count(); // echoes 2
echo $memory_store->get( 'unique-id-1' )->storable_property; // echoes 'test value 1'

$my_storable3 = new MyStorable( 'unique-id-1' ); // same as $my_storable1
$my_storable3->storable_property = 'test value 3';
$memory_store->update( $my_storable3 );

echo $memory_store->get( 'unique-id-1' )->storable_property; // echoes 'test value 3'

There is no guarantee that your storable object will be stored properly when using the options or user meta stores. The two stores rely on WordPress' own update_option and update_user_meta functions respectively and those both rely on PHP's serialize function. If you have trouble storing your objects, implement the magic methods __serialize and __unserialize for better handling.

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