The Deep Web Solutions WordPress Framework, from now on referred to as the DWS WP Framework, is a web development PHP framework for building WordPress plugins. It powers all the official DWS Plugins.

This documentation was written primarily for developers. It is advisable to be at least somewhat familiar with the concepts and tools mentioned in the document, but if you're not, reading through the articles here should give you a basic introduction and links to further reading material. If you're looking for the user documentation of our plugins, go here.

While the code tries to be as self-documenting as possible and the test plugins bundled with each module provide some usage examples too, this document should help provide a more human-friendly introduction into working with the framework effectively. It is written both for internal training use and for external developers, hence why some information might be slightly extraneous or opinionated.

To learn more about the motivation and history behind building this framework, please refer to this knowledge base article.

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